6 January 2011

Totem Animal

So one of the things I wanted to do last year was find a totem animal. I spent an afternoon of vacation playing around with different ideas.

I decided I wanted a bird because of the freedom of flight and the speed that I like when riding my bike. I also wanted something strong and powerful because that's what I'd like to be/am becoming.

So I started looking at lists of birds of prey. But nothing jumped out. I was thinking I wanted something magical as well so I was all set to go to mythical creatures when I decided to have a look at British birds of prey, me being British and all and then one name stood out...


Merlin! A freaking wizard! So I read on and I discover that they are fast and agile, resourceful, sometimes hunt with their breeding partners and are very unafraid and have been recorded trying to catch cars and trains.

Let's think about that...this not-huge bird will see a great big train and think "I'll have that, thank you very much" and just goes for it!

So yep, I think I've found my totem animal. Hope it brings me good fortune for this year!


  1. A beautiful choice! And I love the kanji for that kind of bird, 隼(ハヤブサ).

    My personal favorite birds of prey are the kites. They're just so gorgeous and I love watching them fly. (^_^)

  2. There's something majestic and proud about all the birds of prey...

  3. So true! The clarity in their eyes and the smooth way they fly. Beautiful.

    I was thinking about what animal I would choose and as much as I am very attracted to kites and hawks, I think I would pick a fox. A white fox. I've always felt connected to the Inari shrines.

  4. It's like we have familiars!

    White foxes are cool, any all white or all black animal is a bit magical I think...