15 March 2013


I've been pretty busy at work with graduation prep this week, not as much as the third grade teachers but because the junior high section only has nine teachers we all have to pitch in.

There were only fourteen students in third grade this year so it was a very small ceremony.

I still can't believe how much practicing goes into it. My class graduated last year and they spent hours in the hall practicing walking, answering their names, standing up and sitting down!

You wouldn't think that would be hard but the teachers were getting at them for having their fingers slightly curled as they walked in the hall instead of perfectly straight and exactly how many seconds to bow so that they move in unison.

My class is first grade this year and even they had to practice standing up, bowing and then sitting down. They even had a lecture about where their hands should be while they are sitting.

I mean, I know you don't want them wandering in or slouching as they sit but it all seems a bit over the top to me!

Anyway, during the ceremony they showed a slideshow of the last three years. It's always good to see how much they have changed. And the students sang a song for the parents to say thank you.

There were a lot of speeches, and in the one from the graduate student he focused on English and how going on the home stay helped his confidence so that was really good to hear!

It was a big touching, but I didn't cry because it wasn't my class and also because they will all be going to the high school here so they'll be back in April!


  1. wow, even just for 14 kids?! that's nuts!

    so glad i don't have to deal with that crap anymore! mwahaha...

    1. Yeah, they even had all the important people come and watch and everything!

      I'm glad it's over!