2 June 2016

Oh, hello!

I have not updated this in a LONG time. I really should've documented the process of the biggest transition that has happened in the last year or so... I moved back to the UK!

It's not been easy, they tell you about reverse culture shock but I honestly thought it would last a month or so and then I would settle- this is not true. It's a long process and a year later I'm still working through it.

I was thinking about what to change the title of the blog to, as I am not longer living in Japan, but to be honest...it still feels like I'm down the rabbit hole... just a different one. Where do I belong??

Or maybe I want to go back to Wonderland?

Anyway, for now I will keep the title as I try to navigate life back 'home'. I do wish I had written during this whole year but I guess I was kept busy writing essays for school. I think I'll try and write past posts about the experience in a completely random way as I think of them. We'll see. I've missed blogging and I'm thinking of starting a new 'topic' based one- it I can find the right topic.

Lots of ideas, lots of ideas... most with not come to anything but that's the way isn't it?


  1. Better late than never, eh! It's good to see you back blogging again :) I really missed it when I stopped for a period and sometimes it's difficult to think of things to say but I always feel proud of myself for each post. It's definitely worth making the effort.

    1. Haha I just saw this, must set up notifications again! I have missed it, but to be fair I've had a lot of writing to to this year! I need breaks from dissertation though so hopefully I'll keep updating more frequently...